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Rise in new mothers going under the knife to lose their mummy tummy

For many women the return to work after childbirth, used to mean worrying about a new post-pregnancy wardrobe, however more and more are turning to cosmetic surgeons to help them regain their pre-pregnancy look as quickly as possible.

Kate Middleton's Mummy Tummy

Some are even under going a ‘two-in-one’ tummy tuck and breast lift, desperate to snap back into shape when the sensible diet and exercise route of celebrity mothers like Kate MiddletonLiz Hurley, Victoria Beckham and Myleene Klass doesn’t produce the results quick enough.

Circle Hospital plastic surgeon consultant Judy Evans, said the ‘two-in-one’ package have become ‘incredibly popular’ with women who are returning to work from maternity leave.  ‘They have time to have surgery – but not enough to have two separate operations,’ she told a recent plastic surgery conference.

Harley Street cosmetic surgeon Raj Ragoowansi also said ‘the number of middle-class women coming to me for yummy mummy tummy tuck, has doubled in the last five years.’

Here at Desire, we give you all the time and information you need to come to the right decision. Our skilled and experienced surgeons will talk you through all of your concerns, worries, fears and hopes to make sure you are completely comfortable with us, before you take the big step towards changing your body to restore your confidence in yourself.

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Angelina Jolie’s Breast Cancer Surgeon Dr Kristi Funk talks about her double mastectomy

Angelina Jolie’s brave decision to undergo a preventative double mastectomy after learning she had an 87% risk of developing breast cancer due to a defective BRCA1 gene, sent shockwaves through Hollywood and around the world.

Now Doctor Kristi Funk, the surgeon who performed the double mastectomy has spoken out about Jolie’s decision for the first time. The surgeon who has also treated singer Sheryl Crowe recently spoke to Mario Lopez of Extra and revealed Angelina’s decision wasn’t based out of ‘fear.’

Angelina Jolie and husband Brad Pitt

She didn’t have [the double mastectomy] right away, but probably knew with her family history that it was a choice she would eventually make,’ she said, before adding Her decision was not made overnight. It wasn’t based in fear.’

12% of women will develop breast cancer at sometime within their lives, however for those with BRCA1 abnormalities the risk can be as high as 87%, say Myriad Genetics the company who created the test to screen for them.  Undoubtedly the death of Jolie’s mother,  Marcheline Bertrand at the age of 56 to ovarian cancer in 2007 played a big part in her decision as carrying the gene also gives women a 50% risk of developing ovarian cancer too.

Dr Funk when asked how Angelina is doing now, she replied ‘perfect’  also describing husband Brad Pitt as being ‘the coolest’ throughout the treatment.

She also revealed that Jolie’s choice to go public with her decision was always likely:

‘I knew that was her intention. She is just philanthropic to the core. She could never keep this a secret, and be who she is!  She is someone who wants to save lives and she is doing that every day!’

Here at Desire Cosmetic Surgery, we salute Angelina Jolie’s brave decision and the work she’s done to raise awareness of breast cancer and preventative screening amongst women. Preparing to undergo any surgical procedure be it preventative, reconstructive or cosmetic is daunting and you may have many worries, fears and questions.

Which is why here at Desire, our surgeons will sit down with you and offer expert advice, making sure everything is totally clear before you decide to go ahead. We’ll discuss your medical history and reassure you completely.

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Kyle Richards showing off new tummy after liposuction

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has been showing off her slim new figure whilst dining out at Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood recently, after revealing earlier this year that she had undergone liposuction.

Kyle Richards with new tummy  after lipsuction

Kyle Richards setting out with new figure after liposuction

Last year before she had the cosmetic procedure done Kyle admitted she was ‘self-conscious’ about her figure, telling Bravo special, Secrets Revealed that ‘After having four kids, no matter what exercise I did, the love handles wouldn’t go away!’

‘I wanted to wear jeans and a tucked in shirt and not feel self-conscious,’ the busy working mum continued.

The decision to go under the cosmetic surgeons knife wasn’t taken lightly according to after a source said  ‘They were filming around the pool and Camile and Brandi immediately stripped down to these teeny tiny bikinis – and, needless to say, they both looked stunning.’

‘Kyle felt so intimidated, there was no way she was taking anything off in front of the cameras, she felt totally inadequate.’

With he sexy new body, Richards can now have the self-confidence to step out with her sexy co-stars. However she’s still aware of the dangers of growing old in Hollywood, tweeting last week - ‘I really want to be one of those people that laughs about the process of ageing but… it’s just not funny,’

Paris Hilton’s aunt, Kyle will returns to our TV screens this autumn when the fourth series of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Bravo.

Here at Desire, we give you all the information and time you need to come to the right decision. Our experienced surgeons will talk you through all of your worries, concerns, fears and hopes to make sure you are completely comfortable with us before you take the big step towards changing your body to restore your confidence in yourself.

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The dangers of bargain ‘surgery holidays!’

The market for ‘surgery holidays’ is booming as many UK women attracted by the lower costs of surgery in Eastern Europe travel abroad to try and obtain the body they’ve always desired at a bargain price!

Figures from the International Passenger Survey, showed last year 70,000 people travelled abroad for ‘medical tourism’, with over 50% of those trips for cosmetic surgery procedures.

Those tempted by the low prices include Claire Rigley, a 30 year old office manager from Nottingham. She told The Daily Mail that her 40FF chest was ‘huge – but shapeless’ and ‘There was never any fullness, just fat, so they sagged. When I lost weight in 2008, they were even droopier’. She looked into surgery and decided that she needed not only an uplift, but implants to improve the shape.

Claire Ridgely

Looking online, I found a clinic in Prague which would do it within two weeks for £3,500, including flights and accommodation,’ she says. ‘When I got in touch and sent them some pictures, they said they could fit me in within two weeks.’

Tempted by cosmetic surgery packages costing half the price of those a home, Claire like many medical tourists are often those on more modest incomes nurses, teachers, hairdressers and administrators.

The decision is one Claire ultimately regrets, days after arriving home after an apparently successful operation her implants leaked and she was rushed to hospital suffering a serious infection. The Prague based clinic, couldn’t be contacted for corrective treatment and her body has been left disfigured. Far from an isolated incident, as the number of women travelling abroad for ‘surgery holidays’ so do the numbers suffering complications and those needing corrective or even life saving treatment later on the NHS.

With research showing that one in six patients suffer complications as a result of cosmetic surgery and 9% needing further treatment, it’s essential that any decision on which clinic to use for your surgery, is not only based on price but also the level of after care provided should something go wrong!

‘With 60 per cent of British plastic surgeons reporting a rise in the number of patients seeking help after cosmetic surgery abroad, lack of aftercare is clearly one of the biggest flaws with medical tourism’, says Rajiv Grover, president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

Here at Desire Cosmetic Surgery, we offer a Lifetime Aftercare to ensure that you’ll be delighted with your new appearance following your surgery, but we’ll always be here to help you resolve any problems, worries or queries you may have. 

So if you’re tempted to save money by going abroad for cosmetic surgery, please think carefully about the accessibility and level of the after care provided and if the ultimate cost will be your health!

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