Another satisfied breast augmentation customer – Erica Cordock

Happy customer Erica Cordock after her recent breast augmentationI did as much research as I possibly could before I decided to go ahead with breast augmentation as I didn’t know quite what to expect. I know the internet doesn’t tell you everything but it certainly can help you make your mind up!

I went to see Desire Cosmetic Surgery after a visit to another surgeon in Manchester as I wasn’t quite happy with what they had to offer. At the end of the day it’s money I saved so I wanted it done correctly!

The reason or best said reasons why I choose Desire was because:

  1. The surgeon is a breast specialist, therefore he works with breasts & nothing else so that straight away told me he will not be sloppy, he will be very professional at what he does.
  2. He also works with the NHS so I know I will be looked after properly!
  3. I found that through Desire, I got more straight forward answers, a more realistic outcome.
  4. Georgina who I first got in touch with was very lovely to me & she is very easy to speak with. (Very important for us ladies)
  5. My breasts finally fit my body shape 400cc & I have a D cup!

They wouldn’t have looked good at all if I had stuck with the first surgeon I saw, I was a very small/flat A cup after breast feeding & I never got my bust back. I was offered 270cc silicone implants & told it would create a possible D cup (no way) plus they were more expensive!!

I’m very pleased with my choice of surgery! :D I am still going through the healing stages but very much so enjoying a fuller me! I no longer have a boy’s chest!!

Thank you to everyone at Desire Cosmetic Surgery!

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