New cosmetic surgery safety centre opens

The National Institute for Aesthetic Research, a new centre for cosmetic surgery research has opened in the UK.

National Institute of Aesthetic Research

National Institute of Aesthetic Research at The Royal College of Surgeons, London

The centre which is partly funded by the cosmetic surgery industry, is a response to the PIP breast implant scandal in 2010 and is being set up by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and the charity The Healing Foundation.

Launched following the review of plastic surgery by Sir Bruce Keogh – NHS Medical Director where he criticised the absence of data surrounding plastic surgery operations.

Kate Ward from Leeds, who had  breast enlargement surgery with PIP implants in 2004, then subsequent had to pay £9,000 to have the implants removed and replaced with new ones.

Ms Ward told BBC Radio 4 : “It is good that lessons are being learnt and changes are being made. I hope by setting up this institute it will stop women being placed in the situation thousands are in at the moment.”

‘Patient Safety’

Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS medical director, believes it will make a real difference to patient safety.

He said: “This joint initiative is the first recommendation of my review to be implemented and I know it will provide a major contribution to patient safety.”

Rajiv Grover, president of the BAAPS

Rajiv Grover, president of the BAAPS

Rajiv Grover, president of the BAAPS, conceded that it was an embarrassment it has taken so long for the world’s first institute related to aesthetic research to open.

He said: “We have been campaigning for this institute for 10 years but there is now a willingness to endorse this.”

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