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Geordie Shore cast member wants Cosmetic Surgery

‘Geordie Shore’ stunner Marnie Simpson would love to make changes to her appearance by having boob and nose jobs, as well as better teeth.

Marine Simpson, Geordie Shore

Whilst the newest recruit to the ‘Geordie Shore‘ cast was a big hit with her male co-stars, the former Miss Newcastle runner up has admitted she’s not entirely confident with her appearance and would love larger boobs and a brand new nose.

Marne said: “I’d change loads about myself! I’d have a boob job – I’d go to a C. I would like a nose job, veneers … I could go on forever.”

Despite her extensive list of cosmetic surgery procedures, she feels more confident with her bodies image than she did as a youngster.

She said: “I think I am confident, but I have insecurities too. I’m more confident in doing and saying something now, though.”

“I was chubby when I was a kid. When I was nine, my cheeks were like little sumo wrestlers! I wasn’t bullied, they just disappeared when I got older.”

The self-proclaimed true Geordie lass, who loves hitting the toon and having a laugh, also believes whilst looking good is important, you shouldn’t be guided by what other people think.

She added to Now magazine: “I think you’ve got to be yourself, I don’t worry about other people. I go to the gym, I do a few classes a week. I eat well but I have cheat days – I had 10 cookies yesterday!”

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Has Lady Gaga had a nose job?

Lady Gaga has been rumoured to have undergone rhinoplasty/nose reshaping

Lady Gaga has been rumoured to have undergone rhinoplasty/nose reshaping

Rumours that Lady Gaga has had a nose job are spreading like wildfire thanks to The Sun newspaper and the celebrity blogosphere.

The New York-born singer had surgery in February this year for severe joint inflammation and was spotted using a wheelchair for weeks after her operation.

According to The Sun, Gaga has denied having cosmetic surgery, but gossips are suggesting her joint op wasn’t the only procedure the 27-year-old star underwent.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed across the world as millions of people are unhappy with the size, shape or position of their nose.

And if Lady Gaga has made the decision to go through with the procedure she’s not alone –celebrities who have admitted to having had their noses re-shaped include singer Ashlee Simpson, Glee actress Dianna Agron and High School Musical Star Ashley Tisdale.

Just this week, in fact, actress Helen Flanagan and Saturdays’ singer Rochelle Humes were rumoured to have gone under the knife too.

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