Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is an operation that reduces the size of the breasts by the removal of the glandular tissue and fat. The breasts are then reshaped and the nipple repositioned to create a more natural, smaller look. Wanting to have your breasts reduced may be because of physical and psychological problems that can arise from having larger breasts. The physical issues you may suffer are back pain, constant aggravation of your bra straps against your skin, weak blood circulation and poor posture. Psychologically this may be harassment, wearing clothes mostly to hide your breasts or being unable to play particular sports.


This operation is performed under general anaesthetic. It can take between 2-3 hours dependent on the amount of tissue and fat that needs to be removed from the breasts.


It is advisable that a support bra is worn for at least 3 weeks following the procedure and a couple of weeks of recovery time is recommended. Exercise is not permitted a few weeks after surgery.

Follow up examinations with your surgeon will be arranged as frequently as you desire to support you over your lifetime. This caring, thoughtful approach continues for life with our lifetime aftercare guarantee.

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