Breast Uplift

It's perfectly natural to feel like your breasts have lost their shape after having children, breastfeeding or simply losing weight and this can have a huge effect on your body confidence.

Breast uplift or breast maxopexy is great for giving the breasts an uplift so that they have a more pert and youthful appearance to overcome the effects of pregnancy, weight loss and ageing. Reshaping of the breasts restores confidence and can be performed with or without breast augmentation (breast enlargement or reduction) to suit every need.


This operation is performed under general anaesthetic and involves an overnight stay in our hospital. The tissue that surrounds the breasts is tightened and reshaped so that excess skin can be removed and the nipple is repositioned. This results in the breasts being reduced in size and weight to become plumper and firmer. MRSA swabs are required prior to surgery.


We recommend to wear a supportive bra for 6 to 12 weeks.

Also a couple of weeks off work is needed to give yourself plenty of time to relax and recover from the surgery.

Follow up examinations with your surgeon will be arranged as frequently as you desire to support you over your lifetime. This caring, thoughtful approach continues for life with our lifetime aftercare guarantee.

Next Steps

For more procedure information we recommend a free consultation with our surgeon to discuss your specific requirements.

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