Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement is one of the most popular procedures in the UK because it has restored the confidence in millions of women across the UK. This safe procedure has many benefits including breasts becoming more feminine and curvaceous, or made more symmetrical and proportional to your body shape.

When you choose Desire for your breast enlargement surgery, you're bound to have plenty of questions - what size and shape you can achieve, not to mention what your surgery will involve - so your surgeon will sit down with you and offer expert advice, making sure everything is totally clear before you decide to go ahead. We'll discuss your medical history and reassure you completely.

The highest quality implants are used to create the best look and feel to the breasts.


This operation is performed under general anaesthetic. A small incision is made into the breast where a Eurosilicone gel-filled implant will be inserted in front or behind the breast tissue to give the breasts a natural look.

The entire procedure is geared around your safety and the most naturally beautiful results - your new breasts will not only be larger, but also a gorgeous shape and so natural looking, helping you to discover the inner confidence and boosted self-esteem you desire.


We recommend taking 7 - 10 days off work so you are able to come back for your post-operative check up with your surgeon. It is advisable that a support bra is worn for 6 weeks following your procedure. Follow up examinations with your surgeon will be arranged as frequently as you desire to support you over your lifetime. This caring, thoughtful approach continues for life with our lifetime aftercare guarantee.

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